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Baring Land and Cattle Company believes in the true American spirit of freedom, hard work, and integrity.


Ranching is not always the most glorious way of life.  It doesn’t pay the best, and it isn’t always predictable or understandable.  What it is, though, is a way of life to be lived with the true understanding of American freedom and hard work.  It is the pride of raising some of the best cattle in the Simbrah breed and passing that on to our younger generations for years to come.  The blood, sweat, and tears involved in a family business cannot be explained very well, it can only be felt, and that’s one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt at the end of the day.

 We strive to raise and sell quality show cattle, donors and productive sires to improve your programs.  Our mission is to carry on a legacy set forth back five generations ago with our Great Great Grandfather Abner Kuykendall who settled with Stephen F. Austin’s “First 300” in 1821.  It was a legacy of work done to put food on the table back then, and it lives on with the same determination and integrity during its 5th Generation of cowmen.  As my Grandfather Roy Baring Sr., my father Roy Baring Jr. and myself Roy Baring III, we strive to push forward in the registered cattle business and raise quality and productive cattle for cattle raisers wanting to continuously improve their herds across the country.  We were born into it, and have lived and breathed it since we were old enough to hold up a pitchfork.  The foundations that were laid down through our father and grandfather are a constant reminder of a great cause for what we do tirelessly each day.

You will see our attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the industry and the animal, our continuoussupport for Junior programs and scholarship programs and our pursuit of perfection in each one of our Cattle.  Whether you choose to enhance your stock by purchasing one of our Cattle, or look to invest in our program by purchasing semen or embryos from our extensive donor bank we are here and available to assist you in your needs and desires.  We truly appreciate your visit to our website and hope to see you soon at the ranch.  If you have any questions please give us a call anytime and we will be happy to help out as much as we can.

Thanks again and Gig ‘Em!
Trey Baring


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