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Double A Mr 176/1
ABBA Number: 968897

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This tremendous bulls is an overall powerhouse, great bone and muscle, and the most structurally correct bull we have seen in a long time. "Elroy" has already made his mark on the road winning Reserve Division honors at the 2018 International Show in Houston and Division Champion at the Bluebonnet Kickoff this year.  Also, he was successfully tested and collected at 15 months of age, a tremendous feet for young bulls in the breed.  Genetically this bull is a monster, sired by the 2015 High Overall Indexing Sire in Carcass Evaluation in Tenderness, Ribeye Area, Marbling, and Overall Daily Gain, the ever popular MR V8 670/6. Maternally Miss V8 962/6 has done a tremendous job in Double A Ranch's ET program producing outstanding progeny for their program.  This will be the only time we offer any genetics of this caliber this year, we see big things happening for this bull in our program.  Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!  

Any questions please call Trey 210-867-6651.


BCC Powerman
ABBA Number: 2597754

Sire: PRR Black Major

Dam: PRR Morning Star

National and International Champion Simbrah Bull

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BCC Maverick
ABBA Number: 3203451



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